In Former Roaster

The Recluse Roasting Project is the culmination of our collective work in coffee, and a reflection of the experiences we’ve gathered along the way.

Jack Fleming:

A native of Virginia, Jack’s love for coffee started as a student at VCU where he later worked as an Environmental Chemistry lab technician. In 2010 he moved to Olympia, Washington, where he would become the Head Roaster for Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. A well traveled coffee professional, Jack has judged producer competitions in Honduras, and has worked in quality control, roasting, and coffee buying in Rwanda and also Burundi with the Long Miles Coffee Project. Despite his undying love for the Pacific Northwest, Jack is happy to be back in his home state with his partner Aimee and hopes to help bolster the creative food and beverage scene here in Richmond.

Aimee Biggerstaff:

Aimee’s 15 years of coffee experience comes straight from the Pacific Northwest. Starting as a barista in high school, she fell in love with coffee while working for a specialty coffee shop in Olympia, WA. Soon after, Aimee worked for espresso equipment retailer Espresso Parts where she became acquainted with specialized coffee equipment and machine maintenance. Before heading to college, Aimee had the opportunity to travel through Central America where she spent time on a coffee farm in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. After her travels, Aimee was hired to manage one of Olympia Coffee’s cafe’s where she remained until her relocation to Richmond. With her longstanding appreciation for hospitality, Aimee is excited to apply her dedication to the industry here in Richmond.

Russell Durfee:

An accomplished barista, roaster, Q Grader, and SCA Certified Green Coffee Buyer, Russ got his start in specialty coffee at Big Bear Café in Washington, DC, where he worked under some great mentors through Counter Culture Coffee and beyond. A trip to visit producers in Nicaragua in the winter of 2015 solidified his desire to continue to pursue all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain. Most recently, he’s enjoyed revisiting the diligence of barista work in Richmond after spending a brief time up north working for Olam Specialty Coffee importers as a marketing, lab, and sales assistant. Having been a part of Richmond’s burgeoning coffee scene as a roaster with Lamplighter Coffee Roasters, Russ is excited for this new opportunity to contribute to Richmond’s growing food and beverage talent.