In Former Roaster

The long-time goal and central mission of Brioso Coffee is to spread the value and rarity of a truly special coffee experience. Located in downtown Columbus, Ohio since 2001, Brioso has created a culture of sharing and community around honest products and experiences. Team Brioso is everyone involved in the mission of sharing the concept and community of specialty coffee.

Roasting to us is following through on our intentions with sourcing great coffees. It’s bringing what we know the potential of that coffee should be to the real world. Our roaster’s combined experience and having innovative technology bridges the gap from producer to barista.

Brioso’s selection process for green coffee directly reflects our mission, showcasing truly unique coffees that diversify our offerings and bring something familiar or unconventional, to the cup. Innovation only survives as long as the demand for it exists, so you’ll always find an interesting product that we’re excited to share with you.