In Former Roaster

Since its inception three years ago, Bandit Coffee Co. has elevated the St. Pete coffee scene to new heights. Beloved for its curation of top-tier coffee and tunes, Bandit Coffee is also known for standing up for its values, thanks to owners Sarah (a St. Pete native) and Joshua Weaver. The Weavers returned to Sarah’s home to invest in the community and create a gathering space for collaboration. The minimalistic space, glowing with natural light, simplistic decor and tasteful greenery has made a home in the Grand Central District, bustling with creatives, entrepreneurs, families, and business people on a daily basis. Bandit Coffee shares their space with St. Pete Indie Market and regularly serves as a venue for events, workshops, collaborations, and much more.

We do all of this because we believe that coffee shouldn’t have to choose between being approachable or excellent. Our work is based in years of experience and careful control so that we can honor the work of everyone: the farmers who grow it, the individuals who roast it, the team that prepares it, and most importantly, the people who drink it. We’re honored to be offering coffee we believe in to folks who can appreciate it.